Product guides

Learn about the core features of our error reporting libraries, dashboard, and configuration settings.

Getting started guide
Understand how Bugsnag works, how to add Bugsnag to your apps, and estimated times for implementation.
Account, security, & passwords
Answers to questions about your user account, organization, account security, and password.
Billing, plans, & payments
Answer common questions about billing, available plans, payments, and usage.
Roles and permissions
Grant roles to collaborators and teams to ensure the right permissions to access projects and actions.
Email notifications
Learn how to setup notifications for Bugsnag.
Find out how to connect Bugsnag with the tools you use.
Search & segmentation
Find the errors that matter using the search bar.
Pivot table
The distribution of values for errors.
Custom filters
Filter error reports using custom error properties.
Monitor the stability of your application and measure progress against stability targets.
Releases & versions
Configure your application’s version and release stage to unlock powerful features.
Feature flags & experiments
Monitor errors as you roll out features or run experiments and A/B tests.
Error status and actions
Learn about Bugsnagā€™s error workflow which helps you understand the status of errors in your application to improve your debugging process.
Error grouping
Learn about how and why events are grouped into errors.
Managing event usage
Take control over which events we save and count towards your event quota.
Single sign-on (SSO)
Control access to Bugsnag using a SAML single sign-on (SSO) provider.