Single sign-on (SSO)

Control access to Bugsnag using a SAML single sign-on (SSO) provider.


Bugsnag organizations can integrate with SSO providers to allow you to control access for collaborators. SSO integration is available on Standard and Enterprise plans.

SSO integration provides the following benefits:

  • One-click sign-in: Allows collaborators to sign in to Bugsnag from your SSO provider without maintaining a separate username and password.
  • Automatic provisioning: Allows authorized users to create a Bugsnag account when they require access.

Provider setup

Any provider that supports SAML can be integrated. Selected provider-specific instructions are available:

Initiating authentication

To initiate authentication via the Bugsnag app (the service provider), navigate to our SSO sign in page and enter your organization-id, then click “Sign in using your identity provider”.

Alternatively, you can navigate directly the following URL after replacing the organization-id for a one-click sign-on:

The organization-id exists as the slug in the URL in many places throughout the Bugsnag app. If you’re unsure of your organization-id, you can request these details via email.

You may be able to alternatively authenticate through your SSO identity provider. For further details, please contact us, or your SSO provider.