Reconfiguration guide

Reconfigure BugSnag On-premise on a high availability cluster.

Reconfiguring your installation

If you wish to make changes to the configuration of BugSnag On-premise such as changing SMTP details, the scale of services, etc. you can do so via the admin console:

  1. Access the Replicated KOTS admin console

    Port-forward to the admin console:

    kubectl kots admin-console --namespace bugsnag

    View the admin console at http://localhost:8800.

  2. Edit config

    Press the ‘Config’ option in the top bar and make the required changes. Screenshot of config page

  3. Save config

    When the config is saved choose to proceed to the updated version. Screenshot of save confirmation dialog

  4. Deploy updated version

    Press the ‘Deploy’ button next to the new version to start updating your installation. Screenshot of version listing highlighting deploy button

  5. Config update complete

    Once the deploy has completed the admin console will indicate that it is ‘Ready’ on the dashboard. Screenshot of dashboard showing deployed version ready