Admin controls

Administrator control panel for On-premise BugSnag

Admin functions

Administrative functions can be found in the BugSnag dashboard, in the settings panel. You can give users access to this panel by adding admin users to your On-premise configuration.

Screenshot of browser showing admin controls page

Disable collaborator 2FA

Remove two-factor authentication for a managed user if they lose access to their 2FA device, and recovery codes.

Event information

View information about a specific event for debug purposes. Including, where applicable:

  • Notifier information
  • Session details
  • Missing dSYMs
  • Source mapping details

System announcements

Add, update or remove a system announcement banner to your BugSnag On-premise instance. This system announcement banner can be used to notify users of upcoming maintenance before updates are rolled out.

Adding admin users

Reconfigure your installation using the Replicared KOTS admin console, adding users to a comma seperated list found under Other > Admin controls access.