BugSnag On-premise

Install, maintain, and manage your On-premise version of BugSnag.

BugSnag On-premise offers a self-hosted version of BugSnag for organizations that need or want to manage their own data. It can be run in your existing PCI or HIPAA compliant environments.

BugSnag On-premise has all the features of SaaS BugSnag and regular releases ensure you are kept up to date. All notifier libraries can easily be configured to send error reports, sessions and performance trace/span data to your BugSnag On-premise instance.

BugSnag On-premise uses Replicated KOTS to perform and manage installations in a Kubernetes cluster. For lower traffic installations, or to simplify the infrastructure requirements, BugSnag On-premise can also be installed to a single node cluster.

To find out more or discuss your requirements please contact enterprise@bugsnag.com.

Our “single machine” version has been deprecated and will not be supported in the near future. The legacy single machine documentation remains available to support you prior to migration to a high availability or single node cluster installation. Please contact enterprise@bugsnag.com to discuss your migration options.