Learn how BugSnag Performance leverages OpenTelemetry.


OpenTelemetry is an open standard for the instrumentation and transmission of observability information. It includes standards for metrics, logs and traces. BugSnag Performance’s trace API is compliant with the OpenTelemetry traces API JSON protocol.

Spans & traces

The building block of an OpenTelemetry trace is the span. Each span represents an instance of an operation running in an application. It has a name, a start and end time, and a number of additional attributes. It can also have a parent span, which means an entire trace can be represented as a tree, which is what you can see in the Span Instance page in BugSnag Performance.

These spans are the chargeable unit of BugSnag Performance; your plan entitles you to have a certain number of these spans ingested and indexed by BugSnag each month.