Performance monitoring

Monitor start-up, screen and page loads, network requests and other operations of your app and see the results in your BugSnag dashboard.

BugSnag offers Real User Monitoring (RUM) via our Performance product. Performance allows you to monitor the performance of the operations that are important to your users. OpenTelemetry-compliant trace and span data is collected by our Performance SDKs and sent to BugSnag. From here we aggregate the data and surface queryable and segmentable duration trends over time, distribution graphs and detailed waterfall graphs of specific span instances.

BugSnag Performance is currently available for Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, Flutter and web apps.

Getting started

  • If you are completely new to BugSnag, see the Getting started guide.

  • If you already use BugSnag for error monitoring, you can use the same BugSnag project for your performance data. Use the relevant performance integration guide to install and configure an SDK into your app to start collecting data.