Bitium setup

Control access to Bugsnag using Bitium.


To configure Bugsnag with Bitium:

  1. In Bugsnag settings select Organization -> Single sign-on (Admin access is required):

    • Copy the SAML endpoint URL to your clipboard. Configure SSO
  2. In Bitium, go to Manage Apps then select Bugsnag.

  3. On the Single Sign-On tab:

    • Select SAML Authentication.
    • Paste the URL copied from Bugsnag into the ACS URL field.
    • Copy the the Metadata URL to your clipboard.
    • Select Save Changes.
  4. In Bugsnag:

    • Paste the Metadata URL in the SAML/IdP metadata URL from your SSO provider field.
    • Select Auto-provision users on first login if you would like accounts to be automatically created for new users. Users will be granted access to all current projects but will not be given admin access. Users will only be added up to your plan’s collaborator limit.
    • Select Enable SSO.
  5. You can now log in to Bugsnag from Bitium.