Uploading Electron framework symbols

Uploading Electron framework symbols to BugSnag On-premise.


If you are sending Electron errors to an on-premise BugSnag and including minidumps (for native crash reports), you will need to upload the appropriate Electron framework symbols in order to make Electron framework stack frames readable.

Obtaining and uploading symbols

To do this:

  • obtain the appropriate -symbols.zip file(s) from https://github.com/electron/electron/releases
  • for each .sym file in the zip, upload it to the BugSnag Breakpad symbols upload endpoint, specifying parameters:
    • api_key query string parameter: your BugSnag integration API key for this application
    • overwrite query string parameter: defaults to false; set this to decide whether to re-upload an existing file
    • project_root query string parameter: set this to */src/out to avoid breaking grouping when upgrading framework (since for some platforms each release is built from a different root directory)

cURL example

An example using cURL:

$ curl --http1.1 \
    "https://<YOUR_UPLOAD_SERVER_HOSTNAME_AND_PORT>/breakpad-symbol?api_key=<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>&overwrite=false&project_root=*%2Fsrc%2Fout" \
    -F symbol_file=@/path/to/symbol/file

Full reference

For more information on the breakpad-symbol endpoint see Breakpad symbol upload.