Airgapped upgrade guide

Upgrade BugSnag On-premise on a single node cluster in an airgapped environment.

Upgrading your instance

Upgrading BugSnag will take approximately 15 minutes. There will be a period of downtime during the upgrade.

Before upgrading, ensure you have backups of your current installation. See Backup & Restore guide for more information.

It is not necessary to upgrade notifier libraries used by your applications when upgrading BugSnag On-premise, although sometimes new features will require upgrading notifiers.

For more information about the updates see

Upgrade cluster

  1. Run the latest kURL installer

    To upgrade in an airgapped environment, first fetch the latest installer archive:

    curl -L -o kurl.tar.gz

    After copying the archive to your host server, extract it and run the install script to perform any necessary upgrades to your cluster and addons:

    tar xvzf kurl.tar.gz
    cat | sudo bash -s airgap

Upgrade BugSnag

  1. Download BugSnag airgap package

    BugSnag will have provided you with a URL to download the offline installation packages. Download the latest version of the BugSnag App Bundle (the file extension will be .airgap).

    curl -L -o bugsnag.airgap "<URL provided>"
  2. Access the Replicated KOTS admin console

    View the admin console at http://<PRIVATE IP>:8800.

  3. Upload new version of BugSnag

    Press the ‘Upload new version’ button to upload the airgap package and add it to the list of available versions. Screenshot of dashboard highlighting button to upload new version

  4. Deploy new version of BugSnag

    Press the ‘Deploy’ button next to the new version to start upgrading your installation. Screenshot of version listing highlighting deploy button

  5. Upgrade complete

    Once the upgrade has completed the admin console will indicate that it is ‘Ready’. Screenshot of dashboard showing deployed version ready