Laravel Artisan

Report releases to BugSnag using the Laravel Artisan console.


With the BugSnag PHP library installed, add the DeployCommand class to the $commands array in your app/Console/Kernel.php file:

protected $commands = [
    // ...


To notify BugSnag of your build directly, call php artisan bugsnag:deploy with any or all of the following arguments:

  • --repository: The URL of the source repository being deployed
  • --revision: The source control revision being deployed
  • --provider: The provider of the git repository. Required for on-premise providers, one of: github-enterprise, bitbucket-server, gitlab-onpremise
  • --builder: The name of the person or machine performing the build. Defaults to whoami

For example:

php artisan bugsnag:deploy \
  --repository "" \
  --revision "ef7bebf8bdb1919d947afe46ab4b2fb4278039b3" \
  --builder "MyExampleUser"

Release stage, API key, and the application version are automatically detected from your existing configuration.

You can also create builds using the build method in the BugSnag PHP library or you can call our Build API directly.