Build API

Provide extra information whenever you build, release, or deploy your application.


The Build API can be used to enrich releases in BugSnag which provides the following benefits:

  • Linking to your source code from the releases dashboard and release annotations on the timeline.
  • Linking to your source code from stack traces (on some platforms).
  • Providing extra information to be displayed on the releases dashboard including the person that performed the release and other metadata.
  • Automatically assigning a version number to error reports if it is not possible to configure it in your notifier.

Build tool support

BugSnag provides integrations for many common build tools which make it easy to report build information to BugSnag.

See our build & deploy integrations guide for details.

API reference

If there is no integration for your build tool you can call the Build API directly. See the API reference docs:

Build API Reference >

Help and support

If you would like to request a build tool integration that is not currently available or have any questions about the build API, please get in touch with us.