Bitbucket Pipelines

Notify BugSnag of builds using Bitbucket Pipelines.

By sending the source revision when you build a new version of your app using Bitbucket Pipelines, you’ll be able to see which build each error was introduced in and link back to the code in the repo.

Use the BugSnag build pipe

To use the BugSnag build pipe you need to add it to your bitbucket-pipelines.yml. For example, to notify BugSnag of a production build every time a commit is made to master add the following:

        - step:
              - pipe: bugsnag-integrations/bugsnag-build-report:0.2.2
                  API_KEY: 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE'

Configuration options

You can set the following variables to override or specify additional build information:

Variable Description
API_KEY The API key associated with the project.
RELEASE_STAGE The release stage (optional, default: ‘production’).
AUTO_ASSIGN Whether new errors in this release stage should be automatically assigned to this build. This should only be set to true if you are unable to configure the app version in your notifier (optional, default: ‘false’).
APP_VERSION The version of the app being built (optional, default: the Bitbucket build number).
REPO_URL The URL of the Bitbucket repository - if you are using Bitbucket Server, set this to the URL to your Bitbucket repository (optional, default:
URL The URL to send requests to - If you are using BugSnag on premise then set this to the build endpoint of your server (optional, default:
DEBUG Turn on extra debug information (default: ‘false’).