Learn how to setup a Bugsnag integration with Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse integration allows a story to be created in Clubhouse for errors that are reported to Bugsnag.


In Bugsnag, set up the Clubhouse integration by selecting it from the Available integrations section of the settings (Project Settings -> Configure Integrations -> Available Integrations).

The integration requires a Clubhouse Project ID and API token.


Creating issues

An issue can be created automatically when a new error occurs by enabling it in the Automation section of the settings (Project Settings -> Configure Integrations -> Clubhouse -> Automation)

Auto create story

or manually by clicking on the ! icon on the Bugsnag dashboard.

To link an error to an existing issue, select Link to an existing Clubhouse story and enter the story’s URL.

Once an error has been linked to an issue, Bugsnag will add a comment to the story when the error changes between open and fixed, and when a collaborator adds a comment to the error.