Automatically captured data

BugSnag automatically captures a variety of data to help you debug your errors. You may wish to avoid capturing some types of data, particularly if there are privacy implications for your users.

Device information

Information about the device can be useful to identify if an error is only occurring on some devices.

Data Default value Preventing collection
Hostname Server host name as identified by os.Hostname() Modify the Hostname configuration option
Runtime versions The version of Go and supported frameworks in use Not possible

Error information

Modifying error information may affect error grouping.

Data Default value Preventing collection
Context The first file name and line number in the stack trace Append a new value for Context in a callback
Error class The name or title of the error that occurred Modify ErrorClass in a callback
Error message The message of the error that occurred Modify Message in a callback
Stack trace The list of active method calls (and the file and line number locations) at the point the error was detected Modify stacktrace in a callback