C/C++ minidump integration guide

Send minidumps to BugSnag from your C/C++ projects to automatically capture and report errors in production.

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Integrating BugSnag into C/C++ projects depends on generating minidump files, using a library such as Crashpad or Breakpad for capture and delivery.

Basic configuration

Once your app has been configured to generate minidumps, send minidumps to BugSnag using the following URL format as the crash reporting server:


For more information on the upload API and to append additional information to crash reports generated from minidumps, see the Minidump endpoint in the Error Reporting API reference.

Showing full stacktraces

BugSnag supports symbolicating stack traces using Breakpad symbol files to show a full stack trace with methods, file paths, and line numbers.

Upload Breakpad symbol files to BugSnag to symbolicate native errors using one of the following options:

Reporting unhandled errors

After completing installation and basic configuration, application crashes will be reported and automatically appear on your BugSnag dashboard.

Reporting unhandled events from minidumps comprise only a small part of BugSnag features and functionality.

Next steps

  • View the Minidump endpoint in the Error Reporting API reference for more information about how to extend your integration with features like breadcrumbs and stability tracking
  • Get support for your questions and feature requests