dSYM upload

Upload dSYM files to allow Bugsnag to de-obfuscate your iOS or macOS stack traces.

Bugsnag supports symbolicating crash reports for iOS and macOS apps, which requires the contents of the app’s dSYM files.

Locating dSYM files

The symbolication requires the contents of the dSYM binary. You can find the directory containing the file using mdfind provided you know the UUID of your app.


Once you know the directory, you need to find the file inside the directory Contents/Resources/DWARF which has the same name as your app or embedded framework.

Manual upload

The request format is a form-data file upload labeled dsym and the contents of the dSYM binary. To send this request with curl, you can use the following line. The @ sign indicates that the dsym is an uploaded file:

curl https://upload.bugsnag.com/ -F dsym=@MyApp.app.dSYM/Contents/Resources/DWARF/MyApp

You can also provide an optional field named projectRoot to specify the root path of the project. This will be stripped off from the file name in the displayed stacktraces and aids error grouping for errors reported from the same location but with a different project root:

curl https://upload.bugsnag.com/ \
 -F dsym=@MyApp.app.dSYM/Contents/Resources/DWARF/MyApp \
 -F projectRoot=/Users/joebloggs/workspace/MyApp

Automated upload

To make uploading easier, we have an upload script you can use to automate uploading your files. See bugsnag-upload on GitHub for more information.