Browser compatibility guide

These docs are for a legacy version of Bugsnag JavaScript. See the current version.

Bugsnag can automatically notify you of unhandled exceptions in all versions of all browsers (yes, even IE 6!). Some browsers let us do even more, and internally we have 3 tiers of higher quality support:

Tier A Tier B Tier C Supported
iOS 7+ 6 3-5 all
Android 4.0+ 2.2-3 all
Blackberry 10 all
IE 8+ all
Firefox 17+ 6-16 3-5 all
Safari 7+ 6 5 all
Chrome 14+ all
Opera 13+ 10-12 all
Cumulative 82.9% 91.2% 96.4% 100%

Most users are on tier A or B browsers (91.2%), errors from these browsers are deduplicated most effectively, and there’s lots of debugging information available.

A number of people are still on tier C (5.2%) or worse (3.6%) browsers (though those proportions will diminish over time). We can still notify you of problems in these browsers, though the quality is significantly lower.

If you’re only targetting up-to-date users, you can tell Bugsnag to only report errors from modern browsers by going to “Settings -> Error Handling”