Upgrade guide

Upgrade your BugSnag On-premise clustered installation.

This documentation is for the legacy clustered version of BugSnag On-premise. Documentation for the current version can be found here.

If you have the Single Machine version of BugSnag On-premise, please follow the single machine upgrade guide instead.

Upgrading your instance

Upgrading BugSnag will take approximately 15 minutes. During the upgrade there should not be any downtime if you have enabled high availability features.

Before upgrading, ensure you have backups of your current installation. See Backup & Restore guide for more information.

It is not necessary to upgrade notifier libraries used by your applications when upgrading BugSnag On-premise, although sometimes new features will require upgrading notifiers.

Run the following from the same directory as which the installation was run and contains the .ship folder to upgrade to the latest version:

docker pull replicated/ship && \
docker run -it -p 8800:8800 --rm -v `pwd`:/out \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  replicated/ship update --headed

This machine will require internet access during the upgrade.

Follow the steps in the tool to finish the upgrade.

For more information about the updates see https://enterprise-updates.bugsnag.com.