Reconfiguration guide

Reconfigure your BugSnag On-premise clustered installation.

This documentation is for the legacy clustered version of BugSnag On-premise. Documentation for the current version can be found here.

Reconfiguring your installation

If you wish to make changes to the configuration of BugSnag On-premise eg changing SMTP details, changing scale of services, etc you can run the following from the same directory as which the installation was run and contains the .ship folder to reconfigure using Replicated Ship configuration tool:

docker pull replicated/ship && \
docker run -it -p 8800:8800 --rm -v `pwd`:/out \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  replicated/ship edit

Follow the steps in the tool to finish the reconfiguration. The configuration tool will be available at http://localhost:8800.

Once reconfigured the next step will push all of the required images to your Docker registry and generate a bugsnag-kubernetes.yaml file in your current directory with instructions on how to apply that to the cluster.